Misjonsrapport fra India – august 2016

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Praise The Lord.
Greetings to you in the mighty and sweet name of Jesus Christ.  We are very thankful to Lord for mighty blessings. We thank God because he is doing mighty miracle in people’s  life through our Pastors and work of God is growing. I want to share a testimony from Pastor Kirpal’s church from Punjab.
Pastor’s name Kirpal. A sister from Pastor’s church, her name is Sharon. She is from Khandwala Chertha village in Amritsar. She is from a Christian family and her parents go to the Roman Catholic church, even she also goes to the church with her parents. In her family, her mother father and her elder sister who got married recently and a younger brother. After completing her studies, she started working with an organization. Being so busy in work, she went away from Jesus and being so lazy in prayers.

She is not feeling well from last few weeks; she has pain in her legs and in her feets. Took so many medicines, she wasn’t able to sleep at night. She was not able to go to the office so they terminated. One day she went to the specialist in Ludhiana for her complete checkup, she came to know that her blood was infected therefore her legs and feats were paining and came to know that she was suffering from Tuberculosis. She became so shattered. We came home and started taking medicine for months however there was no improvement in her health. One day her younger brothers friend came to her home and was asking about her health, she told him everything. He told her about miracles in their church and told her about their pastor, Pastor Kirpal. She came so curious to meet that pastor, told him to call that pastor to our home. She wasn’t able to sit on her bed. Next day her brother’s friend came to teir home with Pastor Kirpal, he looked at her health and became so sad. He started praying for her and told her to have faith and to pray unto God. Everyday pastor came to teir home for a family prayer, she started feeling some improvement in her health within few days and could sit by her own. She started praying and reading bible and all the pain from my legs and feats was going and could stand in Jesus name. After months, she went to the doctor in Ludhiana for her routine checkup, all the infection from her blood and the disease Tuberculosis wasn’t there in her body and her health was completely improved. All thanks to Jesus Christ.
This was mighty miracle and how God is caring his people.

Thank God and thanks to you. Praise the Lord.