Misjonsrapport fra India – desember 2016

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Arken er med og støtter lokale evangelister i India gjennom Troens Bevis. Vi får jevnlig rapporter fra arbeidet der.

As this being the last month of the year we all and all the pioneers are good by the grace of God and they all being working so hard throughout the year, all thanks to you. This is all because of your prayers and support that they are coming so fruitful. We regularly visit them in every month. We have seen the fruits with our own eyes. Few months ago few of the pioneers faced some problems due to some religious problems; we all started fasting prayer in all the churches and now everything is going fine. I have being to their churches for the convention and so many people attended the convention and changed their lives.

Overall Monthly Report Of Amritsar Work

Q1. Name of the in-charge of Amritsar Work?

Ans:  Pastor Samuel Soni.

Q2. What is ongoing ministry in Amritsar (Punjab)?

Ans:   Bible School, Church Planting, free medical Aid ministry, women ministry, youth

ministry, children ministry, slum ministry, helping poor and needy people and film ministry.

Q3. How many Pioneers are working throughout Punjab Associated with Amritsar work?

Ans: 20 and 5 selected pioneers total Pioneers are 25 and all are working throughout Punjab.

Q4. How is all pioneers and their families?

Ans: All are doing well except 4 pioneers. These 4 pioneers are sick physically. Pastor harnam

wife and pastor Jagir Lal's son got dengue fever. Please pray for these pioneers.

Q5. How many people are saved through the ministry of pioneers?

Ans: 41 people are saved through the ministry of Amritsar.

Q6: How many people got baptism?

Ans: 26 people got baptism

Q7: How many New Hope Cells Amritsar work has started?

Ans: 2 new hope cells are started. In each hope cell, there are 7-10 people coming together

for prayer and worship. These people are non-baptized.

Q8: How many new villages are evangelized with gospel tracks?

Ans:  17 new villages are evangelized by gospel tracks.

Q9: How many women meetings are conducted?

Ans:  9 women meetings are conducted.

Q10: How many Youth meeting are conducted?

Ans: 3 meetings are conducted.

Q11: how many people are healed?

Ans: Many people got healed and accepted Jesus Christ From leg pains, headache, back pain, fever, stomach problems, eye weakness, skin problem, whole body paining and delivered from evil spirits in public meetings.