Misjonsrapport fra India – august 2016

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Arken er med og støtter lokale evangelister i India gjennom Troens Bevis. Vi får jevnlig rapporter fra arbeidet der.

Greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We are thankful to God we are all good and god is doing many wonderful thinks here in Jammu. Here is a testimony from our pastor Inderyas Gill’s church. God has done a miracle in his church, one of the sister named Suman called us to her home for the cottage meeting at Dina Nagar and the same day her sister Kiran and her father came to their home. We went to their home for the prayer and then sister Suman told us that my sister is suffering from piles and they came here for her operation. When I met her, her condition was so bad I spoke to her and told her about Jesus and prayed for her told her to have faith on Jesus and you will not get operated, Jesus will heal you. She started praying to god, started coming to the church and her faith got so strong in Jesus. Her health was getting improved, after a month she went to the doctor for her regular treatment and the doctor was so shocked when he saw her that she got healed from piles. Then doctor told her for the re-tests again the reports were clean. Kiran was also so amazed to see the test reports she came home and called the pastor and told him about the test reports. Sunday she went to the church and gave the testimony and told the pastor that she wants to get baptized, after few weeks she got baptized. Now she is living a happy life in Christ.

Thank God and thanks to all of you for your prayer and help.

May God bless you

John Roques