Misjonsrapport fra India – august 2017

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Vi har fått en ny rapport fra misjonsarbeidet vi støtter i India!

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. God is doing mighty things in India beyond our understanding. God is using the pioneers in their fields, we received alot of testimonies. I met pastor Jai Singh from Himachal Pradesh, I had a chance to talk with him. He was facing alot of challenges in ministry and his personal life, his relatives did not support him. He used to rent a room and used it as a church, when the church started to grow the owner of the house used to say that they need to change the room. It was a very big problem. We were always praying for him and his church, whenever i visited him I was happy to see the ministry but I was a little sad in my heart for the challenges that he was facing. But God answered our prayers and a believer from the church is now willing to give a small land for the church.

God gave me this heart to start Pastor Seminars in different places. We had a pastors Seminar on the border of Punjab and Jammu and I sent Pr Vicky and two more pastors with him. The response of the seminar was very good, the goal was to help the pastors to look at the unreach people groups around them. Now many pastors are going around villages and God is opening the hearts of people.

Pr Avtar from Pathankot organized a convention in his place and invited me to preach there. There were around 300 people, many people received Jesus in the meeting. The church there is growing and many new people have started to come to the church. I believe that this just a start of something big that will happen in that village.

There was a conference in South Korea, an organization called Intercp arranged this conference the name of it was Global Alliance. They asked me to preach one message in the conference. There were around 4700 people gathered from 63 different nations, It was a blessing to see how God is working in the nations especially in the Islamic nations like Iraq, Egypt and Iran. I personally learned so many things. God was talking to me in those days. God is the one who open doors, I could never have thought to go to Korea but I thank God that he took me there. I was also amazed to see how richly blessed the Korean Church is and to see how God can change a nation in few decades is amazing.

I thank God for the vision he has given us. Kindly remember the conference in june in your prayers. I am convinced that God will raise up his army from the land of India and doing camps like this will play a vital role in this movement. May God bless you, Thank you for your prayers and support.
With Regards

Your Brother in Christ.
John Roques Bhatti. (Johney)